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Browse ad-free, boost your page-loading speed & forget about online surveillance with CyberGhost Private Browser

Discover CyberGhost Private Browser

CyberGhost Private Browser gives a new meaning to browsing incognito. Hide your online activity, put an end to all types of online monitoring, enjoy an ad-free internet, and take back control over your privacy starting now!

Ditch your old browser

It’s time to break-up with your old data-grabbing browser and replace it with one that puts your privacy first – CyberGhost Private Browser.

Explore the internet anonymously

Conceal your preferences and stop websites, companies, and services from following or tracking your online behavior.

Go away, ads! Beat it, trackers!

Nearly every website you visit is filled with ads and software that will watch over your every online move. CyberGhost Private Browser blocks all of this, letting you enjoy a worry-free browsing session.

Google has no power here

With zero Google integrations, CyberGhost Private Browser guarantees that all your data is surely kept away from the data-starving behemoth.

Browse faster

Ads can devour more than half of a page’s loading time! And since CyberGhost Private Browser is 100% ad-free, you’ll get to enjoy a much smoother browsing experience.

Clear data on exit

The instant you close CyberGhost Private Browser, all the data of your browsing session, your history, cookies, passwords, and everything else related to that session gets automatically deleted.

Supports all your favorite Chrome addons

Being a Chromium based browser – just like Chrome – means you can add your favorite Chrome add-ons to CyberGhost Private Browser right out of Chrome Store.

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Want to find out more about CyberGhost Private Browser? Make sure you check out our FAQs below.
For any further assistance make sure to reach out to our Customer Support team via live chat or by email. They’re available 24/7 and can answer all your questions in English, German, French, or Romanian.

Yes. CyberGhost Private Browser is 100% free to all users of CyberGhost VPN.

Yes, being a Chromium-based browser, CyberGhost Private Browser supports all the add-ons available on the Google Store.

CyberGhost Private Browser is available on all Windows 64-bit versions, iOS and macOS.

Despite its name, browsing Incognito does not fully conceal your online activity. The only thing an Incognito browsing window is good at is not storing your browsing history or any cookies.

If you want to surf online in a way that makes it truly impossible for others to track your online activities, CyberGhost Private Browser is the way to go.

Yes, CyberGhost Private Browser supports main search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, Yahoo.