Get CyberGhost’s one-click solution for clearing cache, cookies and browsing history

Free up space on your hard drive, make your browser run faster, and stay anonymous online

Introducing the CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner

CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner is a simple-to-use browser plugin designed to put you in control of your online preferences, personal data, and private information.

While other similar add-ons only help you delete cookies, CyberGhost’s Cookie Cleaner acts as an all-in-one solution by also allowing you to clear all your browsing history and cached images and files.


CyberGhost’s Cookie Cleaner to your list of Chrome extensions.


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Why cookies are a threat

Every time you visit a website, your web browser records a history of your online sessions. This ‘history’ contains information that you generate while browsing the web.

Any personal information you provide to the sites you visit, such as your credit card information or account passwords, are stored in the form of a cookie.

Cybercriminals will try to forge website cookies to get their hands on your private data.

One-click solution

CyberGhost’s Cookie Cleaner add-on is designed to ease and improve your browsing experience without any hassle at all.

Instead of trying to find your way through the intricate menu bar of your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, with CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner, you can clear your cache and cookies with just one simple click.

You pull the strings

CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner puts you in full control. You get to decide whether you want to get rid of your online history that relates only to your current tab, or if you want to eliminate your digital footprints from the beginning of time and become fully anonymous once more.

Selectively delete your browsing data

You decide the period for which you want to delete your online footprints. Think you’ve accidentally ended up on an unsafe web page but don’t want to remove your entire site data? No worries. You can delete your browsing history from just the last 24 hours. Or from the previous week. Or month. The interval is up for you to decide.

Other benefits of using CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner

Besides the obvious security reason, deleting your online history will also bring you several other lesser-known benefits.

Stay anonymous

If you’ve noticed ads becoming impressively relevant to your interests or situation, cookies are the culprit.

Websites identify you based on cookies. They allow data-mining companies to build a profile about you in their database. This profile will then get monetized by being sold for marketing purposes.

By deleting your history, you make it much more difficult for websites and other entities to identify you.

Speed up your browsing experience

The web browser cache will save and accumulate web data and elements from every web page you visit. These cached images and files are stored within the Temporary Internet Files folder.

As data builds up on your computer, the speed of your browser will directly be affected. Plus, you may also get Internet errors that can crash or freeze-up your web browser.

By getting rid of all this stored data your browser will respond faster, improving your online experience.

Free up space on your hard drive

If privacy and speed are not an issue for you, you should be concerned about how much space these cached images and files take up. By default, up to 10% of your system partitions disk space is wasted. That’s a lot!

CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner will reclaim all that space for your personal use with just the click of a mouse.

Got questions?

Want to know more about CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner? Make sure you check out our FAQs below.

For further guidance, reach out to our Customer Support team via live chat or by email. They’re available 24/7 and can answer all your questions in English, German, French, or Romanian.

Unfortunately, no. CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner comes only on Chrome or Firefox.
It does. However, to get there, you’ll have to navigate through a tangled menu and cover several steps to get to it. CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner simplifies the process by letting you do the exact same thing with just one simple click.
Think of deleting your entire history as a way to start again with a clean slate. The websites you visit will no longer have any data about you or your preferences and you’ll be a John Doe once again.