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Achieve Total Privacy in Denmark in 3 Simple Steps

Stay 100% anonymous online with CyberGhost VPN

1. Become a Ghostie.

It’s fun and easy.

2. Set up CyberGhost VPN.

3. Connect to one of the Danish servers.

Security and Privacy in Denmark – What’s Worth Knowing

Denmark is a member of the Nine Eyes Alliance – a group of countries that agrees to share its citizens’ data and online activity. This means that if you live in Denmark, or even if you are just visiting, what you do online is shared with third parties.

The authorities in Denmark have displayed their commitment to monitor internet activity. Soren Pind, the Danish Justice Minister in 2016 said: “Logging is a very essential tool for the police and PET. Therefore, we need to have up-to-date logging rules, which we don’t today.”

People surfing the internet within Denmark will connect only through Danish ISP’s (Internet Service Provider). Some content that’s located outside of Denmark will not be available to view. This includes 25 gambling websites and The Pirate Bay.

Danish television outlets such as Nordic HBO, Viaplay, TV2 Play, DR TV, YouSee and C More, block their content so that only users with a Danish IP address can connect. Also, using torrents in Denmark is technically prohibited, but currently the rule is not enforced with consistency.How can you overcome the limitations to the internet browsing experience in Denmark? Invest in CyberGhost VPN – it’s an all-in-one solution that enables you to access geo-blocked content.

Access Danish Websites While Abroad

Want to access your favorite Danish streaming websites while abroad, like Danish Movie Treasures and Hayu? Need to access your bank account in Nordea or Danske outside Danish borders? CyberGhost VPN connects you to one of 59 servers located in Copenhagen. You’ll have a Danish IP address that provides access to geo-restricted websites.

Access Danish Websites

No Log Policy

Want to stay anonymous while surfing the internet? CyberGhost VPN has a no log set up, which means that we don’t collect data while you're browsing. Your downloads, searches, and personal details remain hidden from all prying eyes, including your ISP. We also don’t keep logs of which servers you use and how long you use the VPN for.

Use the 45-day money back guarantee to test the benefits of the no log policy for yourself. It gives you the peace of mind that you can test CyberGhost VPN before having to commit financially.

Browse Safely & Anonymously

7 Simultaneous Connections with Various Devices

Do you need internet access across several devices? CyberGhost VPN has got you covered. You can connect using Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices as well as PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The connection quality is consistent across all devices for your convenience.

Also, up to 7 devices can connect at the same time. It’s perfect if you want to share the connection with your friends and family. There is no need to wait for others to finish browsing before you can forge a connection.

The Best VPN for Complete Internet Freedom in Denmark

Whether you want to stream content, download torrents, or encrypt your internet traffic, CyberGhost VPN is the best choice for Denmark.

With over 70 servers located in Denmark you will always feel right at home while surfing the internet. And if you are looking to “go international” from your device, we have over 7,000 no-log servers located in major cities across the globe.

Enjoy non-stop access and entertainment without any limitations!

Strong and Sophisticated Encryption

Data getting into the wrong hands happens more than you’d think. CyberGhost VPN scrambles your data as it passes through the encryption tunnel. Without the right decryption keys there is no way to make sense of the information. In fact, a 256-bit AES encryption is utilized, which can take over 3 million years to crack using the fastest computers on the planet.

Want the safety of modern encryption protocols? Then CyberGhost VPN is the choice that will keep your connection secure with the impressive 256-bit AES encryption. They constantly update the encryption to improve security for their customers.

Secure your Data

Dependable Wi-Fi Protection

You should be concerned about the device’s security when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Public Wi-Fi is not secure and hackers like to use it as a personal playground. With CyberGhost, all your data is protected if you use Wi-Fi at cafes, airports and shopping malls. Also, a kill switch forces a disconnect from the network when the VPN connection is severed. The failsafe protects you when you don’t want the ISP to see your activity or need protection from hackers while working on sensitive information.

Setting up the Wi-Fi protection is simple at CyberGhost, but if you are having problems contact the CyberGhost 24/7 customer support team.

Get Wi-Fi Protection

Fast VPN with No Bandwidth Limit

A secure connection should not come at the expense of speed and limitless bandwidth. CyberGhost VPN in Denmark has no bandwidth limit, which means you can stream and download without any caps.

The fast connection speed means there is no lag time when using CyberGhost VPN. It doesn’t take forever to load a page or download a file, and there will be no buffering when using streaming channels. Like the sound of fast connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth? Then sign up to CyberGhost VPN to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Get Fast Speeds


There is a handful of websites that you can only connect with a Danish IP. These include Nordic HBO, Viaplay, TV2 Play, DR TV, YouSee and C More. You can use a VPN service like CyberGhost to connect with a Danish server and get an IP that enables you to view the geo-blocked content.

VPNs are legal in Denmark. You should be aware of the countries where VPNs are not legal to ensure you can use CyberGhost without running into trouble.

You might be tempted to use a free VPN to save money, but they are the wrong choice. The encryption protocols they use are weak, which puts your privacy at risk. Also, the connection speeds are typically slow and unreliable. Finally, you’ll have to deal with bandwidth limits – imagine only being able to watch a few movies per month?

Don’t want to spend money before figuring out what CyberGhost has to offer? Then take advantage of the 45-day money back guarantee to give it a trial run.

Yes! There are 71 servers in Denmark and they are all in Copenhagen. In the future, we expect CyberGhost to add even more servers as they continue to improve the scope and quality of their infrastructure.

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