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Your private information is not as safe as you think

Norway has been a champion of privacy and freedom, and this also reflected online. But things aren’t as rosy as they seem.

Norway is part of the Nine Eyes surveillance alliance. The alliance also features intelligence services from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, France, and the Netherlands. These countries freely collaborate to collect and share surveillance data.

The nations involved can always request data and store it, even if it was deleted in Norway.

This becomes more worrying when you consider the fact that in Norway, Internet Service Providers are obligated to keep activity logs on users for six months. There is no guaranteed that your data isn’t stored somewhere else by the other 9 Eyes members.

Surveillance done in secret

Mass surveillance of citizens has never been the norm in Norway.

That’s why the NRK report on a secret satellite base came as a shock. The station was set up at an old military camp near Oslo with the aid of the US. It had been used for years as a listening post, to snoop and track terrorist activity.

However, during this process, it also picked up civilians’ communications. No one was ever informed of this overreach.

Intelligence services have since argued that surveillance is necessary for national security. However, many have claimed that recording and storing Norwegians’ private communications is against the nation’s privacy laws.

It’s currently not clear if the US agencies still have access to the gathered data and it’s not known if other secret surveillance programs are still operating in Norway.

Copyright infringement is not a good idea in Norway

Norway has always been a fierce protector of copyrighted material. Which is great news for creators, but bad news for torrent lovers.

In 2015, a Norwegian court ruled to ban seven torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay. ISPs had to make sure they were unreachable.

Norwegian ISPs have also been known to throttle P2P traffic, which disrupts the connection to software such as BitTorrent.

Illegal torrenting has also been the cause for one of the harshest sentences in Norway. A powerful trio encompassing Warner, Universal, and Disney took the unnamed owner of a pirating site,, to court. The individual was charged with copyright infringement offenses related to more than 1,200 films and television episodes. He was also convicted to six months of prison time and received a fine of NOK 250,000. This was only a small part of what the media companies were proposing: NOK 823,062.

To date, this is considered the harshest sentence for copyright infringement in Scandinavia. It comes as no surprise that anti-piracy efforts have shown results. With penalties such as these, it’s hard to go about pirating with no protection and no encryption.

Cybercrime – a threat for Norway

The Norwegian National Security Authority has reported an increasing cyber-threat from hostile foreign actors. You might already be familiar with the ransomware attack on Hydro Norsk, which caused losses of over $40 million.

But did you know that hackers working on behalf of Chinese intelligence breached the network of Visma to steal its secrets? The attack was targeted to take both technology services’ and software developers’ sensitive information.

Hackers have also breached the systems of Norway’s health sector. It left the record files of over three million patients compromised. The scary part is, while authorities suspected a foreign state of a cyber espionage attempt, the culprit was never found.

And it’s not just government authorities or public institutions that are at risk.

Norway is known for its view on internet freedom, but that doesn’t mean the internet is always safe. Public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, causing hackers to develop a multitude of methods that can be used to gain access to your device. It’s time to take your gadgets’ safety seriously.

Bypass international streaming restrictions

Everyone wants to #SeeWhatsNext in their spare time or after a long day of work. But if you have a Netflix subscription, you might already know that a good chunk of the content is not available for you in Norway.

The same thing happens with popular streaming services like Amazon Prime or Comedy Central too. Other streaming sites, like Crunchyroll, BBC or ESPN, aren’t available at all for you to binge on since they are geo-restricted.

Streaming services can deny you access based on your IP address. But don’t panic! This is an issue that CyberGhost VPN can help you with.

Through our virtual private network, we make sure to hide your IP address and replace it with one from our system. This way, no one will be able to determine your real location anymore, and you will be able to unblock all this restricted content.

Movie enthusiasts, rejoice! You’ll never run out of videos to stream.

Unblock streaming with CyberGhost VPN

A Norway VPN app for your every device

Norway is one of the most tech-savvy nations in the world, and most devices in Norway are always connected to the internet.

But every gadget with internet connectivity can pose a risk. Don’t leave them exposed to threats. Whether it’s a computer, laptop, or mobile device, CyberGhost VPN helps you stay protected.

We have apps optimized for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV and Linux.

And just one CyberGhost VPN subscription is enough to protect up to seven devices simultaneously. Keep all your devices shielded from snoopers and hackers!

Total internet freedom with our Norway VPN

Whether you’re looking to download torrents, watch video-on-demand content, or encrypt your internet traffic, our VPN software covers all your needs.

We have over 30 servers located within Norwegian borders. And if you’re looking to access content from abroad, there are over 8900 servers worldwide waiting for you.

Enjoy non-stop sports, movies, and music without restrictions and limitations!

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Got questions?

Want more info about CyberGhost VPN? Be sure to check out our FAQ section. For further guidance, reach out to Customer Support. They can handle your requests in English, German, French, and Romanian. They’re available 24/7 via live chat or email and ready to answer all your questions.

The use of a VPN is 100% legal in Norway. Just keep in mind that illegal activities are still illegal, even if you use a VPN.


You might even have a pleasant surprise if your ISP throttles your traffic. You could get higher internet speeds with CyberGhost VPN than without it.

CyberGhost VPN offers military-grade encryption and DNS-leak protection. These are features that ensure you can keep your digital life safe. What’s more, we have a strict No logs policy in place, so that you will be the only who knows what you do online.

We also provide our Ghosties with P2P servers and unlimited bandwidth, so that nothing will interrupt their downloads. And since our apps have an active kill switch function in place, they’ll never to worry about being caught in the act.

Our servers also have no restrictions, allowing you to freely surf the internet and unblock websites no matter what network you are on.

For more information on the importance of digital privacy and anonymity, head to our Privacy Hub.

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