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Mass Surveillance Is the Norm in the Land Down Under

Protecting privacy is tough in Australia. Since 1979, the Telecommunications Act requires all telecom companies to save your online data for at least two years. And with the Telecommunications and Other Legislations Amendment Act 2018 (TOLA Act), through the guise of targeting criminal activity, Australian residents’ encrypted communication isn’t safe. On top of that, local law enforcement agencies can access your data at any time.

On a global level, Australia is part of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance. So, your data goes beyond borders – if another country asks for your online data, the Australian government will give it to them. Furthermore, Australia and the EU signed an agreement to enable international travel data sharing.

But CyberGhost VPN is here to help preserve your online anonymity and protect your data. Online privacy is our mission and at the heart of everything we do. From encryption to our No-Logs policy, we make sure we leave no loose ends to protect your identity.

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Protect All Your Devices

It’s a huge tech world out there with unlimited digital devices on offer.

CyberGhost VPN ensures you’re protected on all your digital devices. We developed and optimized apps for Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, Android TV and Linux devices. Use our Smart DNS feature to protect your Smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, even routers.

Protect up to 7 gadgets at the same time using one CyberGhost VPN subscription. So, your router, phone, TV, and game consoles are protected altogether.

The Best VPN for Internet Freedom in Australia

Avoid geo-blocking thanks to our encrypted server tunneling. Once you’re on our servers, your original IP address is replaced by an IP address from the server you chose. Your ISP or streaming service won’t know you’re accessing content from outside the country.

Choose from our 186+ servers in Australia. And watch Mr. Inbetween, Gravity Falls, Jack Irish, Wentworth, and more without missing an episode. Stream Netflix, Disney+, and more without slow downloads or sluggish loading.

You’ll even avoid ISP meddling as you stream. CyberGhost VPN diverts all your traffic through a private tunnel, bypassing network traffic and making it impossible for your ISP to monitor you.

Get Ultimate Data Protection

CyberGhost VPN’s strict No-Logs policy ensures no prying eyes, even under the TOLA Act. We don’t keep records of any data you process online.

All our decisions support our No-Logs policy. Headquartered in Romania, we aren’t legally obliged to save your data. Romania isn’t part of any Eyes Surveillance Alliance, either. So, we don’t have to hand over your data to the authorities. Even if we’re forced to, we’re off the hook since we don’t store any data in the first place.

Our 24/7 support team is available to answer your data protection questions through live chat.

Protect Your Data

Stay Protected with Strong Encryption

CyberGhost VPN uses the strongest encryption standard out there. Even the Military uses the same AES 256-bit encryption algorithm we use. This extra layer of encryption ensures your connection is completely private.

Choose your preferred VPN protocol. A VPN protocol defines how you communicate with the VPN servers before AES encryption kicks in.

Opt for the best speed IKEv2 has to offer, OpenVPN for your router and devices for optimum security, or WireGuard’s top performance. No matter what you choose, CyberGhost VPN will never compromise your online security.

Safeguard Your Connection

Keep Snoopers Away from Your Network

Public Wi-Fi connections are convenient but they’re also a cybercriminal’s playground. They often don’t require passwords and are skimpy on security.

CyberGhost is your trusted VPN when you’re connected to unsecured Wi-Fi. If you’re at a restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel lobby, go to the CyberGhost VPN app and start browsing. Our security and privacy measures fence off advertisers, cybercriminals, and other snoops from your sensitive data.

Even if your connection with the VPN server drops, our automatic kill switch stops your internet connection preventing data leaks. You’re not exposed again to your ISP, the government, or anyone else risking data theft or surveillance.

Get Top Wi-Fi Security

Surf Online with Blazing-Fast Servers

Avoid sluggish loading, streaming, and gaming with platform-optimized CyberGhost VPN servers. We don’t cap your data or set bandwidth limits. You can enjoy as many shows and movies as you want, anytime you want to watch. You’ll never notice a speed drop during peak or off-peak hours.

Our vast 9100+ server network ensures no congestion will stop you. Turn any screen to a cinema screen, watching your favorite shows in UHD, 4K, or 8K.

You’re guaranteed the best speeds across Australia no matter what.
Test us risk-free with our 45-day money back guarantee.

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With so many surveillance and data collection practices, your privacy is threatened. Your data can be collected and stored for at least 2 years. As part of the 5 Eyes alliance, Australian authorities can share your data without your consent. To stay protected, use a VPN and benefit from an added layer of encryption.
Yes. Australia has no laws against using a VPN to protect your private information. Some Australian government departments even encourage people to use a VPN for business purposes. They also offer guidance on how to use a VPN found on the Australian Signals Directorate website.
No. They’re terrible for your privacy. They’re slow and offer poor security. Some free VPNs also profit by selling your data to third parties. Go for a paid VPN to protect your anonymity. Signing up for CyberGhost VPN is easy and you get a hassle-free 45-day money back guarantee.
Yes. Our 186 VPN servers in Melbourne and Sydney are optimized to give you the best stability and performance. This is on top of our benchmark online safety and security encryption.

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