Seal your privacy with our NoSpy servers

Supreme data protection through independently operated servers

What makes our NoSpy servers special

Out of snoopers’ reach

We built out NoSpy data center with the clear objective of keeping it safe from mass surveillance and isolated from third-party meddling.

Not only do these servers feature 256-bit AES encryption but they’re also located in Romania, out of the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes (and even 14 Eyes).

Local legislation doesn’t enforce data gathering or other mass surveillance tactics, so we can guarantee our NO-LOGS policy. This is your warrant against spying or recording your activities.

Independently operated at the highest security standards

Only the CyberGhost team can access, control and operate the NoSpy servers. This drastically reduces the risk of exposure and interference from external actors.

What’s more, because they’re managed by our team end-to-end, we can ensure that the servers are insulated from compromise. We keep a close eye on them to maintain the highest security level at all times.

Custom setup engineered for high-performance

Our NoSpy servers integrate super high premium hardware with a dedicated uplink. Once connected to them, they unleash even faster internet speeds than our regular servers!

What’s more, they come with an extended bandwidth for your data-intense online activities.

Just enjoy these as a bonus to your 100% guaranteed anonymity!

Secure downloads, above regular privacy levels

Connecting to our NoSpy servers means you’ll ultimately enjoy even greater anonymity and the strongest data encryption standard available.

Our NoSpy data center includes a significant number of servers dedicated for torrenting, so you can ensure that your downloads are safe and anonymous.

Even the slightest interruption in the encryption channel triggers the killswitch, which automatically disconnects you from the Internet, ensuring your anonymity is never compromised.

They tried CyberGhost VPN and liked it

Our NoSpy servers in a nutshell

Features Without NoSPY With NoSPY
Anonymous browsing
Block online tracking
Dedicated torrenting servers
Super high premium hardware
Dedicated uplink
Operated independently
Bigger bandwidth
Better speeds
Out of the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes / 14 Eyes
*Billed yearly


Our NoSpy servers are our privately-owned servers located in Romania, which only we can access, control, and operate. These servers are equipped with the latest available technology and feature premium hardware with a dedicated uplink for increased speeds, 256-bit AES encryption, and extended bandwidth.

Our NoSpy servers are always active. If you decide to add this option to your CyberGhost VPN subscription, you will see a new tab called 'NoSpy Servers' in your expanded app view.

Our NoSpy servers were designed to provide an unrivaled VPN experience for all your online activities. So, whether you’re gaming, streaming, torrenting, or simply browsing, we highly recommend them if you’re looking for more speed and better performance.

To gain access to our NoSpy servers, users will have to pay an extra $0.84/mo.
Our NoSpy servers provide an extra level of performance as well as the guarantee that they are located outside the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes, 14 Eyes, and 19 Eyes countries.