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Keep Your Passwords on Hand & Safe

Got a gazillion passwords tucked away in stacks of sticky notes? You’ll never find the one you need when you need it. Let CyberGhost Password Manager do the heavy-lifting!

We keep all your passwords safe in an ultra-secure, encrypted vault that only you can access. Organize your credentials by categories to satisfy your inner OCD. Save time (and your sanity) with our auto-fill feature, or use our search bar to find ‘the one’ in seconds. Use our password generator to auto-generate strong, unique passwords for your zillion accounts.

Ditch the sticky notes.

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How to Subscribe to CyberGhost Password Manager

1. Add CyberGhost Password Manager to your VPN subscription.

2. Create your account.

3. Save all your important credentials!

What is Included with our CyberGhost Password Manager

Secure Authentication & Encryption

Whoever told you not to put all your eggs in one basket probably never heard of our private vaults with multi-layered security. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your digital safety.

We’ve combined two-factor authentication with SRP 6A, a robust authentication protocol, so only you can access your passwords. We also encrypt your credentials with the strongest, virtually uncrackable encryption duo - AES-256 and RSA-4096.

Get the multi-layered, foolproof security that your browser’s built-in password managers simply can’t offer.

Unlimited Password Storage

Work apps, emails, social media, e-stores, and gaming platforms - the list of your online accounts never ends and neither does our storage capacity.

We never impose data caps when you’re using CyberGhost VPN. Naturally, we don’t limit the number of passwords you store with us either. One subscription will suffice you for life.

What’s more, finding the right credentials is a breeze no matter how many you’ve got. We keep them neatly organized in separate categories. Use our search bar to single out the combo you need in a flash.

Instant Password Generation

Don’t spend your Sundays creating unique passwords that’ll meet all the security requirements, are hard to guess, and easy to remember, all at the same time.

Get our password generator as a bonus when you buy the CyberGhost Password Manager add-on with your CyberGhost VPN subscription. We’ll create a unique and unbeatable password for you in seconds. Bet your browser’s free password manager can’t do that either!

Fast and Reliable Auto-Fill

Our auto-fill feature is a lifesaver when your meeting begins in a minute and remembering your password would take five on a good day.

Don’t waste time typing. We’ll automatically fill in your credentials from your CyberGhost Password Manager account. You’ll be logged in within seconds no matter how long or complicated your password is. You’d expect that much from the fastest VPN on the market, right?

Save time. Bid farewell to those typos and the mini heart-attacks you get when you see ‘incorrect password’.

Cross-Platform Protection

Can’t make online transactions because you forgot the laptop with your credentials? Use CyberGhost Password Manager so it doesn’t happen again.

Install CyberGhost Password Manager on your Android and iOS devices and carry them with you everywhere. Add our browser extensions to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Brave, too. We’ll sync your credentials and automatically fill them in on all your devices.

What Websites Should I Protect with CyberGhost Password Manager

Simple answer: Any website that requires a password. That said, some websites need extra protection with super-strong passwords and CyberGhost Password Manager:

1. Social Media Websites

Don’t modify a single password for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the dozen other social media apps on your phone or desktop. You’ll forget which password belongs to which app at some point. Use CyberGhost Password Manager to generate strong, unique passwords that will keep your private chats, videos, photos, and even your friends safe from password-based attacks.

2. Email

Forgot Password? Try recovering it via email. Forgot your email’s password? Nevermind! Your email is your digital identity. Anyone can pretend to be you if they get their hands on your email passwords. Keep them safe, private, and accessible with CyberGhost Password Manager.

3. Banking Websites

Your online banking account is the most lucrative target for cybercriminals. That’s why banking websites will make you choose passwords that are impossible to remember. Save all your online banking passwords in CyberGhost Password Manager, and you’ll never have to memorize or even type them again.

4. Online Shopping Websites

You don’t necessarily have to register for all websites you e-shop from, but doing so can save you time and land you some amazing discount deals. That said, cyber crooks will also hit a jackpot if they guess your very obvious e-store passwords since they’ll have your physical address as well as your credit card details. Play it safe and efficient with CyberGhost Password Manager and Password Generator.

5. Work-related Websites

If someone ends up compromising your office network, you better hope you’re not patient zero. That’s why you need to do better than ‘123456’ and ‘password1’ jotted in plain text on a sticky note at your desk. Use CyberGhost Password Manager to create strong and unique passwords. You’ll also get reliable storage and instant auto-fills to save your time and reputation.


A password manager is an app that stores all your login-password combos, so you don’t have to remember them. It’s also safer than paper or digital storage in plain text. Top-notch password managers use strong encryption and authentication so only you can access your passwords. CyberGhost Password Manager also offers some other super-convenient features like password generation, cross-platform synchronization, and instant auto-fills.

Yes, you do need a password manager if you’re the least bit concerned about your digital security and privacy. Strong passwords are your first line of defense against hacking attempts. You want them long, random, and unique. That said, it’ll be impossible to memorize all of them, and it isn’t safe to store them in plain text. Use CyberGhost Password Manager to store and organize them in an encrypted vault. Only you can access your passwords thanks to our two-factor authentication. We double encrypt them, so anyone who tries to steal your passwords will get encrypted gibberish at best.

Absolutely! Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated by the day. You need more than one layer of protection (your passwords) to fend off advanced hacking attempts. The second factor of the 2-factor authentication (2FA) is often something only you can possess - a QR code, an SMS code, fingerprints, or facial recognition.

Cybercriminals can’t access your accounts even if they manage to compromise your password when you’re using 2FA. That’s why CyberGhost Password Manager also implements 2FA combined with SRP 6A, a super-secure authentication protocol, to keep your passwords safe from unauthorized, malicious users.

No, free is not always good, especially when you’re putting something as sensitive as your passwords at stake. Free options lack optimal security and authentication features. That means advanced cybercriminals can manage to access all your passwords in one sweep. Free Password Managers also don’t offer features like strong password generators, so you’ll still be using ‘123456’ and ‘password1’

CyberGhost Password Manager uses 2FA and an unbreakable encryption duo - AES-256 and RSA-4096 - to keep your passwords safe and private. You also get additional perks like auto-filling and instant password generation that you can try out risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Yes, your password manager can be hacked. That’s precisely why you need an advanced and reliable one. CyberGhost Password Manager uses double encryption - AES-256 and RSA-4096 - before storing your passwords. If someone ever manages to hack into our highly secure servers, they’ll need way more than a single lifetime to decipher your passwords. Rest assured, it’s completely impossible to beat our strong encryption duo!

Protect your personal and work-related accounts with these password best practices:

  1. Use a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and special characters.
  2. Choose lengthy passwords with 12 characters long or more.
  3. Use 2FA where possible.
  4. Choose a unique password for each account.
  5. Don’t use easily available information like your pet’s name or your birthday as your password.
  6. Never store your password in plain text digitally or physically.
  7. Use CyberGhost VPN when entering your credentials on Public Wi-Fi.

This is a lot to remember when you’ve got countless accounts. Use CyberGhost Password Manager to create, store and manage strong passwords that are always in line with these best practices.

No, we can’t see the passwords you save in your encrypted vault even if we wanted to. CyberGhost Password Manager uses AES-256 and RSA-4096 encryption standards to encrypt your passwords on your device before we store them in our servers. We do not have the encryption keys to decipher our passwords, so we can’t access them at all. Contact our 24/7 customer support to learn more about our zero-knowledge password storage.

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