Contact Details

Hi there and thanks for dropping by! We know that you have a specific reason for visiting this page, so here are the contact details of each of our departments:

Technical Customer Support

If you have any CyberGhost-related inquiries, get in touch with our knowledgeable colleagues from Technical Support via the Live Chat feature. Before dropping them a line though, consider going through our extensive FAQs, which include solutions to the most common situations.

Sales Team

Customer contact: If you are looking for details concerning subscriptions and rates, please get in touch with our Support team, using the above-mentioned Live Chat feature. For questions about orders, invoices, product keys, please contact Cleverbridge, our shop operator.

Reseller/OEM contact: If you're interested in reselling CyberGhost VPN, reach our Sales Team at sales@cyberghost.ro.

Affiliates: For those who wish to spread the word about CyberGhost, we have 2 exciting and highly profitable Affiliate Programs. Learn more here or drop us a line at this address: affiliates@cyberghost.ro.

Public Relations & Press

In case you want to write about CyberGhost and need extra info, get in touch with us via this address: press.office@cyberghost.ro. Useful press materials can be also found on our dedicated Press page.

Website & Apps

If you'd like to give us any sort of technical feedback concerning our website or apps, simply contact webmaster@cyberghost.ro. Should you need assistance with our products, our Support Team could probably assist you best.