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Twitter. It’s what’s happening.

A world of 140 or 280 characters might have seemed basic at first. But it became the staple of Twitter.

Ever since 2004, the microblogging platform has grown into one of the biggest social media channels out there. With over 300 million active users, Twitter has revolutionized the exchange of ideas and opinions and opened debates worldwide.

From cats to news to random memes to opinionated figures, Twitter incorporates it all. It’s the social network where you can easily keep up with the news or with your friends.

It comes as no surprise that Alexa ranks Twitter as the 11th most popular website worldwide.

Not everyone can join the conversation

Popular hashtags are a great way to get involved in the latest discussions on Twitter.

But content can also be politicized. This does not sit well with some governments, which were quick to clamp down on the platform.

Today, Twitter is banned or heavily restricted in countries like:

North Korea
Saudi Arabia

Politically and religiously-sensitive Tweets or accounts have also been made unavailable to users in:

South Korea
United Kingdom

What’s more, tweets have been deleted all across the globe, either due to legal request or content perceived as sensitive.

They tried CyberGhost VPN and liked it

Not all censorship is by the hand of governments

Twitter is also blocked by some Internet Service Providers. In places like schools, universities, libraries, and workplaces, Twitter might not be available. The ban can be a way to control or limit the use of Wi-Fi.

But don’t let anything besides 280 characters limit you. CyberGhost VPN can help you stay connected on Twitter no matter where you are.

Bypass restrictions and access Twitter anytime

When connecting to CyberGhost VPN, your IP address is hidden and automatically replaced by one from our system. Sites will no longer have access to your real location and be able to impose geo-restrictions on you.

You’ll be able to freely check your Twitter feed.

Stay connected on all your devices

Whether you're using Twitter on your phone or using the browser on your PC, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide range of apps, so you can tweet on the go or when traveling.

CyberGhost makes Twitter accessible on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. And since just one CyberGhost VPN subscription can simultaneously protect up to 7 devices, you’ll never have to worry about your digital life.

Your Twitter VPN: CyberGhost VPN

With a network of more than 9200 servers in 91+ countries, our servers are ready to unblock Twitter for you.

No matter where you are, you will never miss a social trend again.

Ditch the proxy, choose a VPN

Free proxy services might seem like a valid option, but they pose some great risks for your privacy. Since there’s no encryption involved, you’re just handing over your data to a third party. This could be dangerous if Twitter is restricted in your area, and you could easily get caught.

If you want to access Twitter and tweet safely, CyberGhost VPN is the service for you.

Features Proxy servers CyberGhost VPN
Hide your location checked checked
Hide your IP address checked checked
Traffic encryption not checked checked
High-speed browsing not checked checked
Works with phones and tablets not checked checked
Guaranteed privacy for your online activities not checked checked
Access to content via servers located in 91+ countries not checked checked
Protection against malware and digital threats not checked checked


Yes, using a Twitter VPN is 100% safe. A VPN connection will protect your online anonymity by hiding your DNS and IP address, your real geographical location, and your online preferences - none of which will impact the way you use Twitter.
Even though Twitter is available worldwide, some governments have resorted to blocking their citizen's access to this platform. The reasons vary from limiting the amount of outside information available, and all the way to claiming the platform is spreading fake news. Twitter may also be blocked in school campuses or at work. Network administrators resort to this sort of practice because they consider Twitter and other social media platforms to be a distraction.
Install the CyberGhost app that corresponds to the device you're using, launch it, and connect to a VPN server that best suits your needs. Once you've done that, log in to your Twitter account and you're all set.
Being one of the biggest social platforms, Twitter collects plenty of data from its users. The data gathered contains display names, location, access to your address book and contact list (if you've opted for it), logs of your communication (both private and public), logs based on website usage, and information about you based on the links you've accessed. The best way to secure your digital anonymity with Twitter is to use CyberGhost VPN to encrypt your data, hide your real IP address, so you don’t give away any valuable information about your real identity and preferences.
Unfortunately, Twitter is officially blocked in China.

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