Stream Your Favorite Shows with a Hulu VPN

Access Hulu content anywhere in the world and bypass bandwidth throttling!

Stream Your Favorite Shows with a Hulu VPN

Access Hulu content anywhere in the world and bypass bandwidth throttling!

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US with CyberGhost VPN in 2021

Just 3 Steps to Enjoy Hulu Worldwide

1. Become a Ghostie.

It's fun and easy.

2. Set up CyberGhost VPN.

3. Start watching Hulu.

Access Your Favorite Hulu Shows Wherever You Are

Unlike most streaming services, Hulu has resisted international expansion. This means you can’t keep up with your favorite shows when traveling abroad.

Even domestically, streaming Hulu can be problematic. Most internet service providers (ISPs) limit your bandwidth the moment they detect you’re streaming. They try to manage network congestion at the expense of bandwidth. The result is you'll have a lousy Hulu experience with sluggish, poor-quality videos.

CyberGhost VPN helps you bypass these restrictions.

Watch Hulu Anywhere

A VPN for Every Screen

CyberGhost VPN makes streaming Hulu simple. You can easily connect to our dedicated streaming servers with our apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Linux devices. And with our Smart DNS feature, you can also stream Hulu from your Smart TVs and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Worried about a family feud over who gets to use the VPN? Don’t. You can use your CyberGhost VPN subscription on up to 7 devices simultaneously. Or install a VPN on your router and cover even your smart locks and webcams.

Hulu Optimized Servers

Unfortunately, unlike Netflix, Hulu isn’t travel-friendly. Once you fly abroad, your access to streaming content will be denied.

And if you are in the US trying to stream Hulu from a public Wi-Fi network, you might find yourself blocked (because it is a data-heavy website) or dealing with a lot of buffering due to slow, overcrowded, and congested servers.

But CyberGhost VPN has dedicated servers optimized for Hulu requests. All you have to do is select a US IP address and you are set!

The server’s infrastructure offers unlimited bandwidth, memory, and storage to support the best experience for streaming Hulu.

Enjoy Hulu and many other streaming services with our 10200+ worldwide server network.

Say Goodbye to Bandwidth Limits

CyberGhost doesn’t enforce any bandwidth limits or data caps. We don’t care how often you use our VPN or what hours of the day – you are guaranteed a fast internet connection whenever you want so you can watch Hulu content in 4K. Your ISP will not be able to limit how much high-speed internet you use per month or downgrade your connection during peak hours to give all customers an even playing field.

Zero interruptions. No buffering and no sudden drops in speed. This is what we offer to you!

Don’t just take our word for it. Try CyberGhost VPN with our 45-day money back guarantee. It’s completely risk-free.

Get Unlimited Bandwidth

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Ultra HD video quality is gaining popularity. Best video resolutions are 2160p and 4320p for an 8K UHD. All these upgrades happened in less than a decade. But your internet connection might not keep up. You need at least 25Mbps to watch 4K. And that’s if you stop everything else eating up your bandwidth.

You don’t have to put up with sluggish loading or lower quality videos anymore.

CyberGhost VPN configures its servers to deliver fast speeds, higher than 80Mbps. Our Hulu-optimized servers make 4K streaming smooth. Start watching Justified, Better Things, and more in UHD.

Enjoy Fast Streaming

No More Throttling

ISPs can intentionally slow your connection to prevent network congestion. Or they may extort streaming services to pay them for better speed. The result? Slower speeds and multiple interruptions, especially when you’re streaming.

Use CyberGhost VPN to bypass ISP throttling. We reroute your traffic through our servers and encrypt your data. Your ISP won’t be able to throttle you because it won’t be able to see what you are doing.

Our automatic kill switch is a plus. If your VPN connection disconnects, we’ll stop all your internet activity until it’s restored. This way, your ISP doesn’t get a sneak peek at your Hulu queue.

To choose the best Hulu-optimized server, contact our 24/7 support team through live chat or email.

Bypass ISP Throttling


It’s tough. Hulu tries to block VPN IP addresses. Choose a VPN that can bypass these restrictions. CyberGhost VPN allocated servers dedicated for Hulu streaming to ensure you’ll never have trouble accessing Hulu. Our servers are also optimized to give you an Ultra HD streaming experience.
Yes. CyberGhost VPN is available for you to stream Hulu from your Smart TV anywhere, anytime. Use our apps and Smart DNS feature to connect to a Hulu-optimized VPN server.
Hulu may be detecting your VPN IP, or the VPN isn’t optimized for Hulu. CyberGhost VPN offers three types of Hulu VPN servers. Our servers are optimized for Fire Sticks, Android TVs, and other devices, like PCs and tablets. Connect to the appropriate server and you’re set. Still having problems? Contact our 24/7 support team via live chat or email.

It depends on your VPN provider. All VPNs encrypt your data to protect your privacy, so that slows you down. You might not notice it on everyday tasks like checking your email. But it gets more noticeable when you’re using data heavy streaming sites like Hulu Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

But CyberGhost VPN offers blazing-fast servers configured to bring your speed loss down to zero, so you’ll get the smoothest streaming experience. Also, we don’t set bandwidth restrictions or data caps. Start streaming Hulu at ultra-fast speeds.

No. Hulu is strict with VPN use. Free VPNs and proxies won’t go undetected since they have low security measures. Their low budgets also mean they offer poor speed and performance. They also lack proper network infrastructure to allow you access to streaming content. With that all in mind, you’re better off watching Hulu with a paid VPN.
Yes. CyberGhost VPN has apps optimized for a wide range of platforms. Start streaming Hulu easily on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and several types of Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

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All you need from a truly complete VPN solution

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  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Automatic kill switch
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously

Disclaimer: Per our Terms and Conditions, using CyberGhost VPN for illegal purposes is not permitted or encouraged.