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The English Premier League – football’s cream of the crop

Name a tougher, more spectacular, more unpredictable and more balanced top-tier league football competition than the English Premier League. We’ll wait...

Last season was epic. Liverpool and Manchester City went head-to-head up until the very last Gameweek. The title battle was relentless and undoubtably one that will be remembered for ages. In the end, it was the Cityzens who came out on top, thanks to a 14-game winning run that shattered the Scouser’s dreams of lifting their first title in 29 years. Talk about a dry spell.

What does the 2019/2020 season have in store?

City and Liverpool seem the ones to beat and it’ll be hard for teams like Tottenham, Manchester United or Arsenal to bridge the gap between that separates them from the first two spots of the league table.

Meanwhile, Chelsea – now under the leadership of club legend Frank Lampard – is going through a reconstruction period and can only hope for a top 6 at most. But it won’t be easy at all, with teams such as Everton, West Ham, Leicester or Wolverhampton breathing down their neck.

Newly promoted Norwich, Sheffield United, and Aston Villa will be hoping to avoid the drop and establish themselves in England’s top-tier competition.

It’s all to play for in the arena of England’s footballing titans.

The problem with most Premier League streaming options

Being the most sought-after football league in the world, it’s no wonder fans have a lot of options to watch the matches. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have limitations. For example, supporters in the UK must contend with some pretty harsh restrictions because Sky Sports and BT split their live broadcasting rights.

And if you want to watch EPL matches in the US using NBC’s Premier League pass, you’ll only be able to see 140 of the 380 games live. To see the rest, you’ll need to wait for the replays.

So, what’s the alternative?

Where to watch all the Premier League matches live online

Eurosport Player is a live and on-demand streaming platform that streams all the English Premier League matches and gives you total control over what you want to see. Plus, it’s also more than three times cheaper than any other alternative.

The catch? The service is only available if you reside in Europe or the European commonwealth.

Don’t worry, though. With CyberGhost VPN, these types of geo-restrictions can easily be overridden.

Stream all Premier League games live on Eurosport Player with CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN acts as your all-access pass to everything the Internet has to offer. A VPN service works by switching your real geographical address with another one of your choosing. You do this by connecting to a server from our VPN network. The server location will determine your new (virtual) address. So even though you’re from the US, by connecting to a VPN server from anywhere in Europe, you’ll unblock websites and streaming services such as Eurosport Player.

And here’s a pro tip for you. Eurosport has different pricing plans for different countries. To take advantage of the cheapest plan available (€5.99/mo or €24.99/year) connect to one of our VPN servers from Romania.

Unlimited streaming options on all your devices

With Premier League action taking place from midday up until late in the evening, you can’t expect to always be in front of a big-screen TV or monitor. Worry not though. CyberGhost VPN lets you unblock Eurosport Player on all your internet-connected gadgets. This way, you can always keep in touch with the action on-the-go by watching the games live on your tablet or mobile device – be it an iPhone or an Android.

CyberGhost VPN also works on all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and even on routers.

And not only that, but one subscription is enough to facilitate access to Premier League matches on up to 7 different devices at the same time.

The best Premier League VPN

Our state-of-the-art network spreads across 91+ countries and counts 9000+ servers, making CyberGhost one of the leading VPN services in the industry.

To top it off, we have individual servers dedicated specifically for unblocking Eurosport Player and streaming your favorite league football competition at peak performance.

Got questions?

Want more info on how to stream the English Premier League online using CyberGhost VPN? Make sure you check out our FAQs below. For further guidance, you can always contact our Customer Support team via live chat or by email. They’re available 24/7 and are ready to answer all your questions in any of the following four languages: English, German, French, or Romanian.

Not if you choose to watch it using Eurosport Player – our advanced streaming option. All you need is to connect to any one of the thousands of VPN servers in the UK or from anywhere else in Europe. Then, fire up Eurosport Player, create an account (if you don’t have one already) and sit back and enjoy.

No! Our servers are specially built to give you the best possible streaming experience with no buffering or slow-downs.

CyberGhost is more than the ideal VPN provider that lets you stream Premier League football online.With us, you also get the best possible VPN technologies in existence such as military-grade encryption, built-in killswitch, DNS leak protection, or automatic Wi-Fi data security. Unblocking sites and enjoying total online freedom by keeping your IP address hidden is another perk. Plus, because we’re headquartered in Bucharest, Romania – outside the jurisdiction of the 14-eyes – you can rest assured we’re staying true to our No Logs policy.

For more info on how much we value your digital privacy and anonymity, check out our Privacy Hub.

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